Austin's Amazing


Austin’s Amazing Adventures is the first book in a new series of short poetic stories from award winning author and advocate for the visually impaired community The Blind Poet Dave Steele.

Meet Austin, a young boy who is slowly losing his sight and his best friend his guide dog Joe. These rhyming tales give a much needed glimpse into how children with different challenges experience day to day life going to school and doing all the things children do.

Austin’s Amazing Adventures seeks to give children living with blindness and low vision a character they can relate to whilst helping to break down the many social barriers and misconceptions that many people with disabilities face.

Dave Steele, The Blind Poet

Dave Steele is an award-winning author, poet, public speaker, singer, and advocate for the blind. Steele was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a rare genetic eye condition where the retina becomes damage and causes sight loss, in 2014. RP resulted in Steele being an unemployed father of four and left him with financial debt and the feeling of losing independence. Steele’s journey began after seeking support through social media and discovering the many barriers, challenges, and misconceptions faced by blind and visually impaired individuals.

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Austin's Amazing Adventure

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Written by Dave Steele, The Blind Poet

Illustrated by Sue Green

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